Dating vintage shoes

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To give you the tools to talk the talk and walk the walk of a vintage fashion expert, I’ve put together this article outlining eight tell-tale signs your piece is vintage, and advice on how to analyze each sign to identify the era your piece was most likely made.

So whether you’re a vintage clothing newbie or an expert looking to brush up on her skills, keep reading after the jump for my top tips on dating vintage clothing!

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Companies like Alice of California, Murs of California, Koret of California, Marc of California (above) and Cole of California were born in the 1920s and 1930s and continued producing styles into the 1970s.The construction and labeling of clothing garments changed from decade to decade in the 20th century, which is a benefit for vintage lovers who want to learn how to accurately date their clothing, whether for personal or resale services.This list isn’t the end-all-be-all for dating vintage clothing.Noting whether a garment has a union or Made in USA tag, as well as recognizing popular silhouettes, patterns and colors of an era’s most popular clothing styles will also help to authenticate the age of a piece.Visit my article for 13 tips on dating vintage clothing labels!

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